2016 Decal Gold.jpg

Green is the new Gold!

The Lafayette Green Business program honored 52 local businesses in 2016 and Confluence is proud to achieve the highest award for its efforts in waste diversion, water conservation, and energy efficiency. What are we doing to be green?

  • Paper, cardboard, and plastic recycling
  • Composting restroom paper waste
  • Insulating drafty doors and windows
  • Limiting water use
  • Replacing office lighting with energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures
  • And more...

With the support of our members, Xcel Energy rebates, Boulder County incentives, and a grant from the City of Lafayette, we're doing our part to set an example and make a difference. Please consider supporting all of the Lafayette Green Businesses.

Click here for a full list

We appreciate all of organizations who collaborate to bring this program to Lafayette: The City of Lafayette, the Lafayette Energy Sustainable Advisory Committee (LESAC), the Lafayette Waste Reduction Advisory Committee (WRAC), Xcel Energy, and Boulder County’s Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) have partnered to offer the recognition opportunity.