We take the opportunity each Thanksgiving season to acknowledge the people and organizations who support the Confluence mission. Together we're creating something of value and we're having fun making it happen. We anticipate a HUGE year ahead. In the meantime, we look back and say thanks to our members, day-users, business partners, and champions. Please join us in wishing our unbelievable community a happy, healthy finish to 2016.


Abby Schmid
Alexa Dunnigan
Amy Collette
Ann Hardie
Anna Fowles-Winkler
Apricity Marketing
Autism Society (ASBC)
Avva Financial
Big Bang
BlueBird Construction
Bob Bennett
Buie Inc.
CA Technologies
Christine Berg
Community Chiropractic
Community Restaurant
Crankset Group
Daniel Miller
Darrin Bogue
David Levine
Dawn Bowers
Doc Popcorn
East Simpson Coffee
Eats & Sweets

Elmagin Capital
Emily Loose
Empowerment Center of East County
Ethan Martin
Getz Ventures
Gustavo Reyna
Heather Lamb
Hunter Barto
Jane Roberts
Jason Vanderhoof
Kevan Krasnoff
Kovach Financial Planning
Labragirl Media
Lafayette Chamber
Lafayette Tech
Luke Kende
Marissa and Jon Saints
Martin Ogle
Matt Whitlock
Mike Angel
Mike Brady
Mike Munger
Mod Cabin

Modern Geosystems
Mountain Dog Media
North Star Property Solutions
One Business Connection
Primelime Consulting
Paula Hildebrandt
Pete Furey
Pivot Guild
Positive Rheoric
Rachel Hanson
Red Ball Speaks
REDA Creative
Rob Gamble
Rochelle Loughry
Shawn's Computer Repair
Seth Paxton
Stacey Martens
Sterling Engelhard
Susan Booker
Top 6 Business Coach
Wild Road Campers