What would you say... ya do here?

Ah, the immortal words of Bob Slydell (Office Space). We often get inquiries about who's here and what we're all about. Let us share a sample of what one might experience on a typical weekday at Confluence...


7:05 am

William pulls in to an empty parking lot after attempting to thwart morning rush hour from northeast Denver. He's secretly hoping to get through his day in time to sneak in a few holes at his neighborhood course.

7:20 am

David's getting an early start today, too, so he can leave for his son's afternoon game. He settles in with the smoothie he brought from home, turns up his iMac speakers, and digs in to a digital marketing layout for a grateful client.

8:05 am

After dropping kids at school a few blocks away, Tom wanders in and he's greeted by something barely appropriate from David's playlist. He compliments David on his taste (for which David credits his kids as he fumbles for the mute button).


8:27 am

On the way in the door, Stacey drops by the kitchen to grab a coffee before her daily stand-up call (appropriately taken from her stand-up desk). Her team on the east coast is two hours into their day by now, but she joins them in stride.

8:45 am

Emily is dropping in to work from Confluence today on a punch-card. Working from home is great most of the time, but it's nice to mix things up. She and Brian cross paths at the bike rack.

9:00 am

Kristin and her dev team roll into the conference room for a day of white boarding and collaboration. Working from their respective home offices across the metro area is the norm, but they value getting together in-person occasionally.

10:30 am

Everyone pauses to look out the window while a fire truck races down South Public Road with sirens blaring. 10:30. Almost. Every. Day. Hmmmm....

11:00 am

Phil, Jim, and Herb huddle to work through an integration issue before a client status call. Who knew application development could be such serious business?


12:01 pm

Heads start popping up from behind screens. What's for lunch today? Is someone lighting the grill? A group gathers outside and walks down the street for a sandwich or a burrito.

12:15 pm

The front patio starts to fill up. Chao brought leftovers again and Daniel offers to share his latest batch of homemade pickles. Mike is burned out on anything within walking distance, so he hops in his car to seek out something new. William and Zach debate the hot-ness of Santiago's 'hot' green chile. After all, conversation topics are light when you don't share bosses and colleagues. Hopefully the newest members have a few minutes to get to know the others over lunch.


1:47 pm

BlueBird Brian pulls into the parking lot after quoting a potential window job and checking up on a recent installation. The bed of his newly-wrapped truck is so long he can't park it without blocking the other members in, but that doesn't stop him. He offers high-fives as he passes through the shared workspace and all is forgiven. He's leaving again in ten minutes anyway.

3:00 pm

The afternoon coffee-drinkers head out the back door and make a bee line to East Simpson Coffee Company a few blocks away. The Confluence drip is good, but apparently not good enough. Or maybe it's that the quick walk doubles as a much-needed afternoon break.

5:30 pm

Dawn stepped out for a yoga class earlier in the afternoon, so she's still wrapping things up in the office. It's also possible she's thinking about tomorrow's community bbq lunch and what she's going to bring.

5:59 pm

Another relieved customer is nearly hugging Shawn and Rachel after they've revived a dead laptop or removed the latest malware. Fedex is delivering a replacement screen for a local student who used her backpack as a door stop. Though their posted hours end at 6 pm, we're not sure if Shawn's Computer Repair is every really closed.


Confluence  boasts some great personalities and members enjoy making new connections. But don't be fooled. A ton of great work is happening every day and some members are here to keep their heads down crank it out. Whether you're looking for more interaction or fewer distractions, you'll feel welcome in a unique community.