Welcome to Confluence!

Below are some key things to know about the space. Please let Confluence Staff know if you have any additional questions, and check out the Hotdesk Reservations page for a map of our space. We're excited you're with us! 

Parking, Bike RacksBuilding Access, Kitchen & Lounge, Meeting Rooms, Print/scan/fax, Recycling and CompostRestrooms & ShowerFirst Aid Kits, Speaker Phones, Smoking Policy, Mail, GuestsLeaving ItemsLights, Confluence Discounts

Online Membership Portal: Log in to your account here or use the Satellite Deskworks mobile app. This platform will be your central portal for...

  • Public membership profiles (another way for members to know who's here)

  • Reservations (meeting rooms and hotdesks)

  • Monthly billing



While parking in the small Confluence lot is intended for short-term visitors and guests (up to 2 hours), there are two options for longer-term parking. 

Romero's K9 Club, located directly east of Confluence, generously allows members to park during weekdays. There are 21 spots available, shown above. Please support Romero's by stopping in for a beer!

Plenty of street parking is also available on Waneka Parkway. Be aware of any marked fire lanes.

Bike Racks

A bike rack is available in front of the building between the brick wall and the street. Contact staff for indoor bike parking.

Building Access

The main entrance for members and guests is through the first floor lobby door. 24x7 member access can be found at the top of the metal staircase on the west side of the building. The lobby door is unlocked during weekday business hours and all-access members can come and go through the upstairs door anytime. An internal staircase is available via the west lobby through the warehouse. Please ask for assistance if needed.

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Kitchen & Lounge

Enjoy self-serve coffee, soda, sparkling water, hot/cold purified water, and complimentary fruit. Beer is available for members over 21.

Ground coffee is next to the coffee makers on the counter. Filters are in the upper cabinet. Sugar is on the counter and half-and-half in the refrigerator. Go nuts.

For the Keurig, you'll find re-usable red plastic filters in the upper cabinet (instead of K-cups). Fill the re-usable Keurig filters 2/3 full of grounds and rinse when you're done.

Sodas and sparkling water can be found on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. A keg of Stella is in the corner next to the water cooler.

Plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses can all be found in the upper cabinets. Silverware is on top of the microwave.

The microwave, toaster oven, and outdoor grill are available for anyone's use at any time. Please ensure everything is off after use.

Confluence has snacks available for purchase for $1 each in the black cubby by the balcony in the lounge area. Members can place cash in the envelope located on the side of the shelf, or write their name and number of items purchased on the tracking sheet in the same location to have the amount added to your monthly invoice.

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Meeting Rooms 

All members have access to three different spaces for private calls or meetings: the Phone Booth, Day Office, and Conference Room.

The Phone Booth is located in the main workspace and fits 1-4 people at a time.  It's available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please limit use to 90 minutes at a time, and do not use speaker phones. A USB loaner headset is available in the back hallway.

The Executive Day Office is located near the second floor entrance and accommodates up to 4 people at a time. The room includes an executive desk, transaction table, and whiteboard. 

The Conference Room is located in the back hallway just beyond the phone booth and accommodates up to 8 people. The room includes a conference table, whiteboard, wall-mounted screen, and HDMI cable. 

The Day Office and Conference Room can be reserved through your membership account. Each membership plan includes monthly booking credits and additional hours will be charged at a discount. Review your plan for details. 

Cancellation Policy: Be sure to keep bookings up to date and cancel in advance if plans change. Meetings changed or canceled before the scheduled start time are not charged.

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Confluence has basic printing and scanning available for ad-hoc member use. The Brother MFC-8810DW prints black and white (IP address The Epson ET-4750 prints color (IP address or via Google Cloud Print here). Use the Brother to scan-to-email (ask staff for assistance). Neither machine is set up to send or receive a fax. We recommend a free fax-to-email service like eFax.

For more frequent or higher-quality printing, we recommend members bring their own equipment or use a local shop. Morrell Printing is located right across the street on the east side of S. Public Road for any additional printing needs.

Recycling and Compost

Please use the compost bin in the kitchen for food waste and the compost bins in the restrooms for paper hand towel waste. Single-stream recycling bins are located in the kitchen, printing room, and front lobby. Signage is posted above the bins to help identify what goes where. Watch this short video to become a waste-diversion expert!

Confluence is a Gold-certified Lafayette Green Business. Through formal and informal engagement of our community, Confluence commits to maintaining awareness and promoting a positive dialog around environmental sustainability. 


Restrooms & Shower

There are 3 restrooms in Confluence; one downstairs in the front lobby, and two upstairs located by the conference room and just across from the printer room. Lights will automatically turn off after a period of vacancy, but you can manually turn them off by pressing the large, rectangular button on the switch. Please run the fans as-needed by selecting an amount of time on the switch.

There is a shower available for use in the restroom across from the printers. Please bring your own towel and run the fan should you decide to use it. 

First Aid

First aid kits are located in the first floor restroom and on the second floor above the sink in the printer room.

Speaker Phones

We're not big on policies, but as we've grown we've learned that despite our efforts to provide adequate insulation for sound, speakerphone conversations carry throughout the space. This is true whether the call is taking place in a closed office, the phone booth, or an open desk. On that note, we'd like to ask that speakerphones not be used except in the conference room or the executive day office. Please use headsets, or we have a USB loaner pair on the table in the back hallway. Feel free to borrow them and return them.


Smoking Policy

Neither traditional smoking, e-cigarettes, or vaping is allowed inside the building or near an entrance. Please utilize the designated smoking area by the brick wall.


Resident desk members and private offices include mail service. Please use your business name when having mail shipped to Confluence. No personal items please. Mail is distributed daily by Confluence employees.

75 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette, CO, 80026

Hot-desk members have the option of purchasing a mail service plan ($35/mo, + one-time set-up fee). 


Members are welcome to host accompanied guests in the kitchen/lounge, their private offices, and in conference rooms at no additional cost. If guests are using a day-use desk or conference room on their own, the hourly or day-use rates will apply (billed to the member or directly to the visitor).


Leaving Items

If you are a hot desk user, please take all of your items home at the end of the day. If you would like to leave something at Confluence, please speak to staff.


If you are the last one to leave in the evening, please turn off the bronze pipe fixtures in the main space. The switches are located in the back hallway near the conference room and the restroom. Turn off the switches labeled "west" and "east". Leave the third light switch on for security, please. Any kitchen, conference room, day office, and phone booth lights that are on should also be turned off before you leave to save energy.


Confluence Discounts

  • Members are eligible for a 70% discount on a $100 MyRide pre-loaded fare pass. Talk to a community manager for more information and to opt in for your card!

  • We love to thank our members for recommending our space. Please make sure to fill out this form whenever you refer someone so we can show our appreciation!

  • Mention you’re a member of Confluence at BREW - Due South, and receive a $1 discount on your purchase.